Advanced Excel Course:

Course Description:

Our advanced Excel Public Course  is a one day instructor-led  intensive course that  will focus on the  advanced  functions and features that allow you manipulate  data. This includes functions like   VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH , OFFSET ,  COUNTIFS  and SUMIFS.
Great emphasis is placed on mastering  Pivot tables  to analyze your data..
This course covers 2007, 2010 , 2013 & 2016  Excel versions.

See full syllabus below

Upon Completion, Students Will Be Able To

  • Extract data from dynamic lists where ever the data is
  • Combine functions  to create complex formulae
  • Use a wide range of Excel functions – Lookups /  Text / Calculations/ Date & Time
  • Use Data Validation and Audit a workbook
  • Analyse data using Scenarios / What Ifs / Goalseek
  • Use advanced sorting and filtering features
  • Create advanced Pivot Tables
  • Create and use a keystroke macro

What Excel Level am I ?

Our Free ‘Testing Workbook’ will test and time your Excel skills and then creates a personalized detailed report of them . Watch the video and Read More..

CPD Certified Course

This course is  CPD certified
by the CPD Standards office

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Level 3  Course Dates:

  • Thursday    25th January  2018

Course Duration

One Full day

Course Requirments

Students should be able to create and manipulate worksheets and workbooks containing formulae.  They should be able to create a basic chart and pivot table.  Ideally they will have completed an  Excel Intermediate course.

Course Location

GEC center, Taylor’s lane, Dublin 8
(beside the Guinness Storehouse)

Course Price

€298 Inclusive
5% discount for three or more Bookings.
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GEC Centre, Taylor’sLane, Dublin 8
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Course Syllabus: Advanced Excel Course:

Module 1: Automate your spreadsheet analysis by using the power of combining these functions.

  • VLOOKUP + Helper columns,
  • OFFSET & INDIRECT FunctionsCase studies:
    We will look at real life examples and models using these techniques.

Module 2: Automate Decision making processes:

  • IF and nested IF Functions
  • AND, OR, NOT Functions

Module 3: How to build complex powerful Formulas with an easy step by step method.
Module 4: Cleaning your data:

Text and Date Functions with examples of combining Text functions.

Module 5: Data Analysis: Use techniques to analyze your data instantly.

  • Advanced Filters
  • Using List Features
  • Dynamic Lists
  • The new Sumifs and Countifs Functions

Pivot Tables

  • Using the Pivot Table Wizard
  • Changing the pivot table layout
  • Formatting
  • Grouping items
  • Inserting calculated fields
  • Pivot Table Options
  • Display and hide data in fields
  • Lay out reports directly on worksheet
  • Pivot Charts
  • Pivot Tables Slicers
  • 20 Pivot Tables Recipes for powerful reports
  • Pivot Tables Macros
  • Creatng Independent Pivot table

Module 6: What If Analysis

  • Scenarios
  • Custom Views
  • Reports
  • Goal Seek
  • Data Tables

Module 7: Macros

  • Purpose of Macros
  • Recording macros
  • Where to save macros
  • Absolute and relative record
  • Running macros:
  • Custom buttons, menu items, keyboard shortcuts

Case Studies: Examination of Macros to save time and automate your work.

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