Our one day Intermediate Excel public course is an instructor-led course to bring your Excel skills to a new level.

It will show you how to analyze your data quickly , safely and efficiently using  Excel formulas and functions especially the important intermediate functions like IF and VLOOKUP as well as linking across multiple sheets and charting your data.

The course also covers data analysis tools  including  Pivot tables.

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This not just allows you revise  what you learnt in the day course  but also allows for  further study as it covers all levels of Excel. 

This CPD certified online course also comes with  live chat support until 10.00 each night. (Monday-Friday’s).

Also you can also repeat the day course for free within 6 months of the original Course.

What is my ‘actual’ Excel Skill Level ?

Find out with our new  unique ,  free  ‘ Testing  Excel Workbook’ .
This requires you  to complete  12   ‘real life’  Excel  tasks on an  actual Microsoft Excel workbook. The workbook   then times  and  auto-corrects your solutions ,  producing  a personalized report  showing your

  •  Efficiency  Rating.
  •  Excel Skill Grading.
  • Highlights  your weak  areas.

You will need to set aside at least 20 minutes to complete this test. The workbook  is  FREE to download for  you  or  your staff. To Learn more  and to download  your free copies  , Click Here.

CPD Certified Course

Upcoming Level 2 Courses

  • Wednesday 26th June
  • Wednesday 21st August
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Course Duration

Day Course.

Course Requirments

Students will know how to

  • Create basic Formulas
  • Can use basic Functions like SUM, AVERAGE, MAX & MIN
  • Sort and Filter

Course Location

GEC center, Taylor’s lane, Dublin 8
(beside the Guinness Storehouse)

Course Price

€298 Inclusive
5% discount for five or more Bookings.
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GEC Centre, Taylor’sLane, Dublin 8
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Course Syllabus: Intermedaite Excel Course:

Review of Essential Excel Concepts & Techniques:

  • Relative/Absolute Reference
  • using Cell references
  • Formatting concepts & problems in Excel.
  • Good practice techniques.

Range Names

  • Concept and Purpose
  • Naming individual or range cell’s
  • Deleting and amending named ranges
  • Using named cells/ranges in formulas

The IF Function

  • Automatic decision making in Excel using the IF Function
  • Nested IF Functions

VLookup Function

  • Introduction to the Vlookup Function:
  • Why the VLOOKUP Function is so important
  • VLOOKUP Examples
  • Using the VLOOKUP Function and others Functions with Cell references and Relative & absolute references.

Conditional Formats and Date Calculations

  • Benefits and purpose
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Entering Dates and Times
  • Different date/time formats
  • How dates are stored
  • Calculating working days
  • Using the DAY(),MONTH(),YEAR() functions
  • Time calculations

Formula Auditing

  • Formula Auditing Tools
  • Revealing Formulas
  • Tracing Precedents/Dependents
  • Goto Special

Worksheet Management & Linking

  • Linking sheets in the same file
  • Linking different Excel files
  • Using Edit, Links
  • Viewing different files at once
  • Saving a workspace
  • Viewing different sheets at once
  • Window Split

Basic List Management

  • Sorting Data
  • Adding Subtotals
  • AutoFilter
  • Freeze Panes
  • Group and Outline
  • Data Form

An Introduction to Pivot Tables.

  • What are Pivot tables
  • Creating basic Pivot Tables
  • Pivot table Toolbar
  • Pivot Table Examples

Excel Charts / Graphs

  • Using the Chart Wizard
  • Editing and Formatting charts
  • Saving custom chart types
  • Setting a default chart type