Customised Excel Course at your own Offices

Since 2009, we have been providing ‘ Instructor led’  Excel Training  Courses  onsite at  client’s offices nationwide or at  our modern training rooms beside  the Guinness Storehouse.
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We also hold Monthly Public Excel Courses which  are open to all.  Next Dates :

  1. Beginners Course:                               Tuesday 20th August
  2. Intermediate Excel Course:            Wednesday 21st August
  3. Advanced Excel Course:                   Thursday 22nd August

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Online Excel Courses. Transform your Excel Skills.

Our  Online Excel  Course for individuals and Companies is  ‘video based’  and  covers all 5  levels of  Excel.
Includes  CPD accredited  online exams, live chat support ,and  ‘content updatedLifetime access . So its your  Excel Course for life.

Our  Group Corporate  edition can handle  from 3 to 1,000 users . Its web based , so NO installation required on your side. It track each user’s progress in real time.
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Our Clients

All Courses CPD Certified

All Courses Certified by the CPD Standards Office

online excel training courses

Online Excel Course for Individuals & Companies.

Unlike most online Excel courses, our Online Excel course includes all levels of Excel  in one package.

  • Beginners Excel
  • Intermediate Excel
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel
  • Pivot tables

So you can learn Excel from beginners to the most advanced level and you will have lifetime access.

Our course, ‘WorkPlace Excel ” concentrates on the Excel Concepts, Techniques, Functions and Data Analysis Techniques that you will use everyday in real world Irish  office environment.

Learn quickly and effectively from over 12 hours of high Definition videos by experienced tutors who mix theory with practical examples of every day tasks.

You can take an assessment at the end of each module to achieve up to 4 levels of certification. With Live chat & Full Email support, its also ideal for groups, as an administrator can track the progress of each employee.

The course covers Excel versions 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 , 365 and also the latest version  Excel 2019

This course is CPD certified for 12 Points.

Cost: €157

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Transform your employees’ Excel Skills & Productivity

Just 15 minutes a day  for 30 days will  transform your employees’ Excel Skills and Productivity levels.
Our Certified Online Excel training group Course  comes with daily live chat support as they study and also full monitoring facilities. Covers 5 levels of Excel from Beginners to  advanced Power Excel.
You can now purchase our 10 licence  group account for a one off charge of €898 ( €1570)

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Excel Training Classroom Courses.

These one day intensive instructor led Public courses are run every month and are held in GEC Center, beside the Guinness Storehouse.

We also offer  instructor led  customized Microsoft Excel training for all skill levels at your offices Nationwide. Please contact us with your requirements.

In our public courses, you can expect and receive…

Small class sizes.
Modern training conditions.
CPD certified with Certificate of completion.
Convenient Location: We are a 6 minute walk from Hueston Train Station and a 5 minute walk from St James Hospital Luas stop.
Six months email support.
Large Car park nearby.
Courses cover Excel  versions 2010, 2013, 2016, 365 & Excel 2019
Post Course Support with Free access to our e-learning centre and Email Support for  6 months.
You can repeat the Course for FREE within 6 months of original Course.
Each Course is  CPD certified.
New Post Covid Course Times:   9.00-2.00 ( with 10 minute Coffee Break)

Beginners Excel Courses

€297 Inclusive

Level 1 Course Dates:

  • Tuesday 25th June
  • Tuesday 20th August
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Intermediate Excel Courses

€298 Inclusive

Level 2  Course Dates.

  • Wednesday 26th June
  • Wednesday 21st August
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Advanced Excel Courses.

€299 Inclusive

Level 3 Course Dates:

  • Thursday 22nd August
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Measure Your Team’s Skill & Efficiency Levels in Excel ?

 Our Free self-correcting and timing ‘Testing Workbook’ accurately reveals  a person’s  ‘actual’ Excel skills level and also their Excel efficiency level within 20 minutes.

The user  has to complete  12  ‘real life’  Excel  tasks on an  actual  Excel workbook.
The workbook times  and  auto-corrects their solutions ,  producing  a personalized report  showing  their

  • Time Efficiency Rating.
  • Excel Skill Grade.
  • A report which highlights weak areas that might need to be worked on.

Its free to download and it contains NO macros, so it’s totally safe  and quick to download and works on all versions of Microsoft Excel from 2007 to Excel 365.

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Excel Tasks Condensed into One Page

Download our Free ” high resolution”  “fully expandable”  image of  formula solutions  for common  Excel  Tasks.

Solutions to Problems like:

  • Creating a running total.
  • Highlight values in range 1 but not in range 2 using Conditional Formatting.
  • How to give a unique identifier to similar records in list.
  • How to calculate and apply a % Increase.
  • How  to calculate percentage change.
  • How to  use the XLOOKUP to return multiple columns or rows:
  • and a hundred more

Ideal for saving to your Laptop, Table or Smart Phone for Quick Reference.

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Train your Staff with our Online Group Excel courses.


Productivity Savings occurring as your staff progress through the course.
Administrator Dashboard to monitor the progress of your employees in real time.
One click  progress reports available.
Each employee gets  access for 12 months with their own unique login username & password.
Suitable for all your staff as  course gives access to all levels of Excel.
Course is CPD certified by the CPD standards office. Worth 12 CPD points.
Live Chat and  Email support  for all your employees as they study the course.
All Login accounts and group leader accounts will be set up for you. Please note you can have more than one group leader.
Web based so No IT integration required.
Test their understanding with online assessments.
online excel training courses

Why choose online excel training for your business

Measure Effectiveness

Measure your staffs’ progress via online assessments and employees can replay the videos again and again, if necessary.

Productivity Increase

Each student will will save up to 30 minutes per day by being more efficient in Excel, that’s nearly 12 working days per year.

No Installation headaches.

As a web based training system, there’s no IT integration required and no time spent organizing training, as we set up everything for you.

Save Money

Online training provides a cost effective alternative to traditional classroom based training, with no lost working days or travel expenses.